Mama Mia on a Life Well Lived

Timeless, candid, & humorous, a book of wisdom from my grandmother (coming soon)


The Heart of a Lion

This book is in tribute to my queen, my hero, my inspiration, my mother, my best friend, and my greatest teacher - my grandmother. It began as an effort to capture her essence and her teachings for the future generations of our family but in truth many can learn, and be inspired by, Ma. Her wisdom was not acquired in a university but rather through rising above an almost impossible beginning with an open heart and the determination to become better than her surroundings. 

Ma has a strength and beauty that is rare.  People gravitate towards her and she doles out love, food, and advice in equal measure to all who cross her path.  She is always upbeat, ready to lend a hand up, and the staunch defender of the underdog. She is strong but has the empathetic heart of a woman who has known pain and suffering.  She is full of unconditional love and will care for you and help you out of a bind all while she’s telling you to get it together and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. She is a progressive thinker with traditional values.  All in all, Ma is the only woman that I know that can tell you off, make you believe in yourself again, & formulate an ingenious action plan for whatever problem you’re having - all while feeding you a great dinner with a generously sized cocktail.