“It is so important that this book is read by both parents and teachers. Nicole’s honesty and realistic commitment to students with ADHD leaps off every page. I have read many books on education and ADHD, rarely do you hear the voice of a young person with ADHD whose viewpoint is explored at such length and with evident self-perception and placed alongside continual discussion of educational theory and practice.”

- Tony Lloyd, Chief Executive, ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity


I wrote I Can Learn When I’m Moving from with my 9 yro son.  We candidly share our perspectives as a mother and teacher and a child with ADHD on what it means to go to school with ADHD. This book is an important reflection for all of those who are interested in the education of children with ADHD.  The ways that ADHD can present in the classroom are explored, and many common myths are debunked. 

This book provides educators with research based, kid-approved strategies to improve achievement for ALL children, while proactively addressing the needs of students with ADHD.  Insights and strategies are also presented by educational experts Alice Aspinall, Barbara Bray, Peg Grafwallner, Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Kevin Leichtman, Kate Lindquist, M.Ed., Shilpi Mahajan, Scott Nunes, Laura Robb, and Melissa Thorpe Sidebotham.