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Dear Fellow Educator,

I believe that the perspectives and strategies shared in my book have become more relevant now than ever. There are a lot of what I call “whole class accommodations” that not only support ADHDers but meet diverse learners’ needs proactively. They reduce negative behaviors and increase learning for all without creating more work!

Although I wrote a book with a lot of research and diverse voices, real shifts in schools happen through conversations. I also think many teachers can benefit from hearing my candid perspective as a mom and teacher of a child with special needs.  Many times we miss opportunities for support and impactful connections because we misinterpret behavior. 

The feedback from schools that have read my book has been amazing & it's humbling to think that one child’s words could have such impact. I would love for your staff to read my book and to support them with ongoing conversation.

Each school's needs are different.  These conversations can be virtual or in person (logistics permitting) so that I can learn about your challenges, your goals, and how I can support the work you’re doing. Some schools may prefer a presentation tailored to a specific area or a few Zoom meetings as they read the book.

If you feel that these conversations and this work could benefit your school, let’s talk. EduMatch offers a 10% discount for bulk orders and as far as compensation for my time, I am more committed to working with schools than letting budgetary constraints get in the way.  This is my passion and my purpose. I know that through every teacher I support, I impact the lives of kids. 




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